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Islington CLC

The Community Liaison Committee (CLC) is an advisory body that works collaboratively with The Salvation Army Islington Seniors’ Shelter and relevant City agencies to achieve a successful integration of the new shelter into the neighbourhood.

As an advisory group, the CLC will strive to seek general agreement on guidance and advice to the Salvation Army. The CLC is not a decision-making body. All CLC members are encouraged to openly discuss ideas, perspectives and viewpoints, and seek to develop common ground by minimizing areas of disagreement to the best of their ability. Where differing viewpoints and opinions exist, these will be documented in the CLC meeting notes.

The guidance, advice, feedback, and comments provided by CLC members will help the Salvation Army and/or other relevant City agencies make decisions regarding the Islington Seniors’ Shelter.

The mandate of the CLC is to provide a forum for advice to the Salvation Army and relevant City agencies on how to strengthen the new shelter’s integration into the community and ensure that the shelter is a good neighbour and a valuable asset. For more details about the CLC, please see the Terms of Reference document below.

Resources shared at the meeting and summaries of feedback will be posted on this page as they become available. Please refer to the Resources & Summaries of Feedback.


For any CLC-related inquiries, please contact Swerhun Inc., the independent facilitation team supporting the Salvation Army in their engagement with the CLC:

Jacky Li
Swerhun Inc.
Phone: 416-572-4356
E-mail: jli@swerhun.com

For any inquiries about the Islington Seniors’ Shelter, please contact:

Krystina Damyanovich
Community Program Coordinator, The Salvation Army
E-mail: Krystina_Damyanovich@can.salvationarmy.org

Resources & Summaries of Feedback:

Draft Terms of Reference for CLC Review Jan 29, 2019
Proposed Agenda CLC (Feb 4) – for participant review