Maxwell Meighen Centre

The Salvation Army Maxwell Meighen Centre has been providing services in the heart of Toronto for over 110 years.

Early records indicate that in 1923 we provided space for 98 men. Over the years, we have grown and now accommodate 378 men (pre-covid). While most of the beds are shelter space for those experiencing homelessness, we also operate a Covid-19 Hotel site and private occupancy rooms for fixed income. The hotel site provides expansion for those experiencing homelessness during the Covid-19 time. We have managed to provide a better environment as well as continuing to house men.

The Maxwell Meighen Centre is a multi-care facility offering various programs and services. It is run on Christian principles and has a desire to share the love of God in a practical way with those experiencing homelessness in downtown Toronto.

The Centre offers 3 meals a day and access to chaplaincy, counselling/case management services, housing help support workers, addictions services, consulting psychiatrist through Inner City Health Associates (ICHA) and an ID clinic.

Maxwell Meighen Centre

Maxwell Meighen Centre
135 Sherbourne St
Toronto, ON M5A 2R5
(416) 366-2733

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