I have a confession to make. I think the word ‘relevance’ is overused and over-valued. My opinion of the word, the way it is understood by our culture anyway, is that it is a low bar to set as a standard to aspire to. I think ‘relevance’ is a moving target that changes almost daily, …

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image of Gateway anniversary cake

The Gateway Turns Fifteen

On Sunday, February 15th we celebrated the Gateway’s 15th anniversary by hosting a birthday party in the drop-in and inviting some local musicians to come and put on a show. It was a great night for our residents, community members, supporters and staff; a joyous occasion all around.   As a shelter, we’ve accomplished a …

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Sara came to Florence Booth House in November 2012. During her initial assessment with a Counsellor, Sara related how she had been fired from her place of employment because she was suffering from depression. Sara had attempted to apply for ODSP to ensure a source of income but was denied. The Counsellor attempted to work …

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image of a door labeled housing worker

A Vision Restored

A shy young woman came to stay with us at Florence Booth House after she was bought to Canada for medical assistance. As a respected and well-known accountant in her native country, Namibia, this woman had given up her job to assist her family in their car sales auto industry. However, plans with the business …

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image of Aaron

Keeping the Faith

Aaron is staying at Hope Shelter for a few days while he waits to enter the Harbour Light treatment program. He’s been in treatment before, but has hope for the future. “Underneath everything, I do have faith in God,” he says. “Part of faith is belief in self, and I think I still have enough …

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